The Best Ice Cream Sandwich, Ever

The Best Ice Cream Sandwich, Ever

Cafe Dupont Ice Cream Sandwich, Food, Best Ice CreamYes, a bold statement, we know, but just take a second to merely feast your eyes upon the picture and you will in no doubt concur, Café Dupont at the Dupont Circle Hotel in D.C. has outdone themselves ice-cream-sandwich-wise.

Harking back to those fond childhood nights spent huddled round a campfire, singing Ging Gang Goolie with a stick and slowly melting marshmallow in hand, Café Dupont’s creation offers the sweetest of nostalgia.

For as little as $9 indulge in Valrhona dark chocolate ice cream nestled between two homemade graham crackers, topped with a positive mountain of brûléed white chocolate marshmallows, a smattering of chocolate balls and, wait for it, a sprinkling of gold leaf.

Café Dupont’s Chef, Silvan Kramer said on the indulgent snack, “A lot of those items that have been forgotten a little bit are coming back. People are looking for something that reminds them of their childhoods”. And what a way to be reminded.

Available every Wednesday to Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm throughout summer, get your mitts on a decadent s’more and quite possibly the best ice cream sandwich in town.

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