Kansas Veterans visit DC

Kansas Veterans visit DC

Honor Flight, Veterans, War Memorials, DC, NewsOn July 31st the inaugural Kansas Honor Flight, allowing veterans to visit memorials across DC will take place.

Honor Flight was founded as a means for veterans to view the various memorials dedicated to them by the US. 117 hubs across the country allows veterans to sign up to travel to Washington DC via the Honor Flight program.

28 veterans and their guardians will travel from Kansas to DC on July 31st, for a three day sojourn in the capital to visit and pay their respects at memorials marking WWII, Iwo Jima and the Korean War, as well as the Vietnam Wall several museums, Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

“We want to get as many of these vets to D.C. as we can, before it’s too late,” said Kansas Honor Flight President, Mike VanCampen. “It’s not unusual for us to call someone and for them to no longer be living, or are no longer healthy enough to make such a long trip.”

All veterans travel for free, but their guardians must pay for themselves. Running solely on donations, as soon as there are enough funds, 28 vet applicants are contacted and the flight can take place.

VanCampen explains, “All our funds come from grateful people in the public who just want to thank the people who have done so much for us and this country.”
Visit www.honorflight.org for more information

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