Sumptuous Salads for Summer

Sumptuous Salads for Summer

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Lincoln's now infamous Kale Salad

Summer and salads go together like peanut butter and jelly. Colourful, tasty and guilt-free, head to one of these DC joints for first-rate greenery.

A hit with President Obama, who alongside his hamburger opted for the kale salad, “Michelle wanted me to eat something healthy today”. Let your taste-buds explore as you munch on dark greens tossed with hazelnuts, shredded Parmesan, fresh lemon vinaigrette and house-dried blueberries.

Renowned for its ‘ensalada de palmitos’, Mexican-themed Oyamel’s hearts of palm (once canned and now terribly fresh- flown in from Hawaii in fact) are a must try. Satisfyingly crunchy and slightly sweet, sample this ‘swamp cabbage’ with orange, grapefruit, radish and avocado, topped off with tamarind dressing complete with honey.

Banana Leaves
A positive cornucopia of flavour, the tropical salad from pan-Asian eatery Banana Leaves is the perfect summer-time hunger cure. Super fresh with mango, papaya, carrots, cucumbers and cabbage a little kick is added with the lime and garlic dressing.

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