Washington DC is not America’s Vainest City

Washington DC is not America’s Vainest City

Barbie Girl, Vanity, Washington DC, Men's Health, News, America's Vainest CityYup, according to research by Men’s Health Magazine, Washington DC is the nation’s 18th vainest city.

Coming one behind New York City(17th) and a whole three behind Virginia Beach (15th) Washingtonians may be hip, fit, highly literate and very cool, but we haven’t let those compliments go to our heads.

Basing the findings on each city’s rates of cosmetic surgery, sales of at-home hair color, teeth whitener and shapewear, Men’s Health came up with the list featuring 100 cities across the US. Per-capita rates of cosmetic dentists, plastic surgeons, tanning salons and salon ‘check-ins’ on Foursquare were also considered.

Among the least vain cities are Sioux Fall, SD (98th) Lincoln, Neb (99th) and the least vain of all was Des Moines, Iowa which came in 100th.

The top five most vain however were Dallas (5th) Las Vegas (4th) Atlanta (3rd) Plano, Tex (2nd) and the most vain was Tampa, Fla (1st) which may come as a surprise to many.

Another day, another absurd and somewhat entertaining superlative for us Washingtonians.


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