DC Gallery gets Patriotic

DC Gallery gets Patriotic

Lisa Ruyter Let us now Praise Famous Men, Connersmith Gallery, Art, Washington DC, ExhibitionThis September, the DC’s Connersmith Gallery will play host to an exhibition by Lisa Ruyter.

“Let us now Praise Famous Men” is a series of works using colour, photography and recycled images depicting hardworking Americans from the 1930s and 40s. With imagery from the Dust Bowl and Great Depression era, the works highlight the underappreciated and overworked members of the American society at a time when economic issues and social angst were rife.

“These photographs are of Americans, and they represent those who go unnoticed, unrecognized and unrepresented,” explained Ruyter.

“They are us, or at least some idea that we have of ourselves. They belong to us because of the way that they came into our world, as photographs, not as people. It is a record of what was already being lost to Americans even as it was being constructed, an American dream of self-determination, independence and freedom.”

Promoting expressive and abstract work that aims to challenge society while commenting on topical issues, the Connersmith Gallery on Florida Avenue offers visionary artists over 7,000 square feet of gallery space. Founded in 1999, the aim was to represent artists who “excel at communicating powerful concepts in diverse media.”

“Let us now Praise Famous Men” opens on September 8 and runs until October 20 2012. For more information visit the Connersmith website. 

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