Take Your Taste Buds on Tour in DC

Take Your Taste Buds on Tour in DC

Malaysian curry, World food, Washington DC, Restaurants, Food and Drink, Food Tour CorpTake a little time out from your busy schedule, forget what time of day it is and where you are, and embark on a quirky culinary expedition around the world.

Since 2007, world-wide traveller of no less than 51 different countries (and still counting) Jeff Swedarsky has been encouraging locals and visitors alike to seek out unusual food flavours.

His company, Food Tour Corp. creates culinary tours in the DC area, allowing diners to experience authentic world dishes, their cultures, and indeed several DC neighborhoods too.

“I wanted to find a way to connect people — locals and tourists — to the food and culture of an area,” explains Swedarsky. “When I travelled, I loved learning about different cultures and found that mostly everything about a culture came by way of the food.”

The tours begin at a specified location, then travellers walk to each restaurant, where both eating and walking may tot up three or more hours.

Choosing not to focus on heavily populated tourist areas, Swedarsky’s tours uncover DC’s secret hidden gems, “I wanted places that are independently owned and operated, by a family when possible.”

Each tour’s guide is well-versed in the DC neighborhoods, providing ample factual nuggets and where possible the chef of each restaurant will explain each dish and its cultural background too, so it’s high time you got travelling – no passports necessary.

For more information visit the Food Tour Corp. website.

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