Obama Buys Out Two Door Cinema Club

Obama Buys Out Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club, Music, Washington DC, Barack Obama, NewsBritish band Two Door Cinema Club have been forced to add a second gig date in Washington DC to their US tour after President Barack Obama bought all the tickets for their first one.

One hell of a fan, the President has bought the majority of the tickets for the indie three piece band’s 9.30 Club gig, by means of a staff treat.

But do not fear fellow TDCC fans, the band have added a second date in DC so all those unsuccessful behind Obama can watch a show.

A source close to the band said, “Alex (lead singer and guitarist) was delighted to hear theirUSgig had been practically booked out by Barack and his team.”

They continued, “He thinks it’s mad the President of theUnited Stateshas their tunes on his iPod. You can’t get a much bigger fan than that.”

Formed back in 2007, Two Door Cinema Club is a 3 piece indie rock band hailing from Bangor, England and Donaghadee, Northern Ireland. Consisting of Sam Halliday, Alex Trimble and Kevin Baird, their first album, Tourist History gained critical acclaim, several singles being used on television adverts and the band winning the Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year in 2010. Their forthcoming album entitled, Beacon will be released in September, although they have already streamed it online.

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