New Fuel Rewards Have Washington DC Saving

New Fuel Rewards Have Washington DC Saving

Courtesy of Shell’s new Fuel Rewards Network, consumers can reduce their fuel spend through everyday buying.

With the cost of fuel only rising, car owners are increasingly concerned about this extra cost to their finances, but now those living in the greater Washington DC area have the opportunity to grab themselves a bargain.

The Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) is a new rewards program available at Shell, operating on a cents per gallon system, currently available at over 100 US markets which will increase to 200 by the end of the year.

Offering consumers a variety of ways to earn points through everyday purchases such as food, clothing and household items, the FRN program is the only loyalty scheme of its kind. These points are then redeemed for fuel savings at Shell filling stations.

The average consumer savings are $0.33 per gallon, although some customers have managed to spend as little as 1 cent per gallon.

Customers can earn points at many retailers, both on the street and online, places such as and, plus in local restaurants like Kaz Sushi,Willow, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Café Oggi and many more.

To participate in the program, simply pick up a FRN Card from one of the 250 participating Shell garages and activate it online at

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