Hamlet Comes to Washington DC

Hamlet Comes to Washington DC

TV channel FOX have nabbed a new show dubbed the modern-day Hamlet which is set in no other than present-day Washington DC.

America’s Son, described as a “sophisticated contemporary spin’ on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is a political thriller centring on the loose-cannon son of a late presidential candidate, who subsequently seeks to expose the sinister truth behind his beloved father’s death.

Written by Paul Redford, the small-screen series has been described by Deadline as “part juicy soap, part paranoid political thriller” – just the sought of program that lures you in and won’t let go then.

Following the story of a renegade son of a presidential hopeful who has recently been killed in a car crash, the main character soon discovers his father’s death was not all as it seemed. Vowing to unearth the truth and avenge the murder, the similarities to Hamlet are thick and fast.

Redford, who worked on fellow political drama The West Wing for five seasons, will executive produce the series with the help of Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey.


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