Washington Residents Most Likely to go on Holiday

Washington Residents Most Likely to go on Holiday

Another day, another poll, the newest information surrounding the nation’s capital seems to be that its residents are more likely to go on vacation than those in any other metropolitan area in the US.

According to a new survey from Inspirato, an average of 73% of DC residents have taken annual vacations between 2008 and 2012, topping the results.

Closely followed by San Francisco, 70% of its residents choosing to take a break, and thirdly byBoston, where 68% of its urban dwellers holiday.

Those least likely to get away from it all are Chicagoans it seems, with only 55% of residents taking vacations in the past five years.

“There are many reasons why someone might not take their vacation,” says Jeff Davidson, author of 40 self-help books including Simpler Living and founder of the Breathing Space Institute. Those reasons include workaholism, insecurity over work position and thus not wanting to leave it jeopardized, and then of course guilt over leaving the office.

Polling 2,534 respondents in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington DC, Harris Interactive conducted the survey on behalf of Inspirato.

On average all of those asked had full-time jobs and earned between $50,000 and $75,000 a year, were in their mid-40s and had a high-school education.

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