Justice League NYC to March to Washington D.C

On Monday a group of Activists calling for Criminal Justice Reform in America, began a 250 mile trek from New York to Washington D.C. The Justice League NYC’s March to justice is scheduled to end on April 21 with a rally and a concert they organized at the National Mall. The main goal of the group is to deliver to the lawmakers a package of a proposed legislation that is mainly focused on ending the racial injustice and police-related deaths that have been witnessed recently.

The group stated as they began the march, that they are doing it for Michael Brown, Eric Garner and the similar others like the two who unfortunately lost their lives. The group stated that, Michael Brown was just trying to get away and got shot in the back. The interstate demonstration that will end in D.C comes after a new video went viral online showing a police officer Michael Slager laughing with a colleague after shooting and killing Scott Case. The police officer Michael Slager has been charged with Murder in this particular case.

However, most of the marchers won’t be able to reach Washington DC, but the group will meet other groups along the way to lead them to their final destination of Washington DC. One of the marchers carline Pinto stated that, people have the power and right now more than ever, and they are taking notice. Another marcher added, this is the reason why the march really matters, and it is the reason that the movement stands for. The marchers explained that their movement is national, and they feel like it’s an obligation that they would wish to achieve as Americans.

In the event, the Ports Authority Closed the Westbound lanes of the Outer bridge crossing for an hour Monday morning to allow protestors to cross safely onto the New Jersey Side. The Staten Island Officials that include Borough President James Oddo, and the State Sen. Andrew Lanza condemned the move, and he called for the closure of unprecedented and unnecessary, 1010 WINS.

The New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams, D-Brooklyn, took issue with the gripes, he stated that they should stop making people decide between supporting the police. Williams stated that the police risk their lives every day to ensure everyone is safe. The march to Washington D.C that was organized and arranged by concerned Americans who wanted the cases of police brutality to end. The group main mission is to shed light to the oppressed who have been victims of the same, and their stories have not been heard. The march has been received with mixed reactions from politicians and members of the public. The march is set to end in Washington D.C.

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