Loretta Lynch Confirmed as the Attorney General

Close to 166 days after her nomination, Loretta Lynch has been confirmed by the Senate as the attorney general. Lynch was narrowly confirmed by the Senate with a vote of 56 to 43. The confirmation of Lynch was delayed after her nomination was mired with controversy.

Loretta was nominated by President Obama soon after the Republicans took control of the Senate during the elections that were held in November. The Democrats, in a bid to show some goodwill agreed to wait to consider Loretta’s nomination until such a time when the Republicans take control in January.

Soon after her nomination, Loretta, aged 55 became embroiled in political infighting between the Republicans and the Democrats in the Senate. Some of the issues that brought the fighting between the senators of the two parties were the president’s executive actions on immigration and the anti-human trafficking bill.

The Republicans held the stand that the human trafficking bill was passed before a vote on Loretta nomination was taken. On Wednesday, the Senate voted for the bill that seeks to helps the victims of human trafficking with a unanimous vote of 99 to 0 after the senator from both sides reached an agreement in the controversial abortion funding restriction including the in measure.

“Lynch is a gifted and accomplished lawyer who has all the qualifications and credentials to become an attorney general” Mike Lee, a senator and a member of the Judiciary Committee said. “It was encouraging to see that during her confirmation hearing, she chose to be independent of political pressures and in so doing she helped restore the spirit of co-operation within the Congress” Lee added.

Another Senator, Orrin Hatch said, “Lynch’s has a record of honorable services, and that leaves no doubt about her integrity and commitment to serve as the attorney general.” “Loretta may have legal views that I don’t subscribe to, but that should not in any way be held to a different standard than the nominees before her.” “I look forward to working to with her, and I will hold her accountable to the highest standards as the acting Attorney General,” Hatch said.

Senator Hatch is a member, and a former Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee has been involved in the confirmation of previous Attorney Generals including a total of seven Republicans and four Democrats. It is hoped that Loretta Lynch will work with senators from both parties to progress the United State’s constitution.

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