D.C. Man Facing Charges for Allegedly Raping a Nun

A D.C. man who is facing charges for allegedly raping a nun in her 50s in Prince George’s County was also arrested for filming a woman in toilet. Juan Alex Randolph, 27, was apprehended at his home on Friday. A judge ordered that he should be held without bond.

According to authorities, Randolph broke into a nun’s house in Chillum, near LaSalle Park, Wednesday night, threatened to shoot and demanded money before raping the woman twice. As per court documents, he then left with a black Samsung Galaxy.

D.C. police sources said the suspect went back to his home after the crime. On Thursday, police arrested the suspect in Southeast D.C. at his apartment at 551st Street NE, where they found him in a kitchen cabinet. According to the police, Randolph admitted he sexually assaulted the nun.

Randolph has been charged with burglary, theft, robbery, home invasion, as well as first- and second-degree assault and rape. Court records reveal the suspect to have been charged in the past for peeping in Baltimore in 2006. He was also convicted of voyeurism in D.C. in 2014.

In November, he was arrested for filming a woman inside the bathroom with his cellphone, at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. According to sources, he repeatedly told officers during their search of his apartment in the fall, that he had a problem.

Records say that a D.C. Library Police officer heard a woman from the ladies’ room yelling to stop the man with the blue phone. When the patrolling police ran to her side, she pointed at Juan Randolph, whom she said filmed her while she was in the restroom.

Library patrons were scared as they thought it could not happen in such a place, as it is a government building. While security makes sure nothing is going on in the men’s room, they wondered how Randolph came into the women’s room. As it has messed up, they claimed the library needs more security.

ABC 7 found about seven domestic abuse-related court cases against Juan Randolph. A D.C. court ruled out that he has to be held for psychiatric assessment at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, for the community’s safety.

A court order also shows the D.C. man was released 15 days ago, from the custody of the authorities in Washington D.C. The custody included a time at a psychiatric facility.

During the court hearing on Friday, Randolph’s lawyer requested that his client be mentally evaluated to his next appearance on May 6.

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