Washington DC Legalizes Pot

Washington DC has finally become the latest city in the United States of America to legalize marijuana. This is irrespective of the unending war against marijuana in other states and countries in the world. Following a new act of parliament, it has been confirmed that people who have been taking Marijuana in private are now free to do so in public without any worry of being prosecuted. In the same vein, those in possession of small amounts of the same drug have also been relieved the burden and worry of prosecution. Large amounts of the drug may attract penalties though.

The legalization of Marijuana in Washington DC has been taken differently by the residents. To some, the news came as an utter shock. There have been claims that legalizing the drug in the state will bring forth a lot of moral decay especially for those who are deep rooted in religion. Other residents in the same state find legalization of Marijuana as the long-awaited dawn of freedom.

The move to legalize marijuana was prompted by the great push that was instigated by activists in the state. The legal arm of the state government also played a great role in enacting this law. Considering that the majority vote went in favor of legalization of marijuana, there was nothing much other than enacting the law.

However, there is a limit that has to be watched among the users of Marijuana. Residents and visitors of Washington DC aged 21 years and above have been allowed to possess 2oz of marijuana, which is equivalent to 56 grams. They are also allowed to grow just a few plants of marijuana in their residential homes.

The state government still holds to the previous law that selling and buying of marijuana is illegal especially when done in public. This implies that legalization of marijuana in Washington DC does not make it a commercial deal. Private use is the only thing that has been granted the freedom.

The national budget bill maintains that marijuana is not legal in Washington DC. A letter sent to the Mayor Muriel Bowser from the members of the congress warned that legalization is marijuana must not be upheld. However, the mayor maintains that the law is still legal considering that it was supported by citizens through voting. As at now, Marijuana still remains legal in Washington DC, though with a lot of prevailing plans to bring the law down.

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