Beau Biden, son of Joe, passes away

Joe Biden, the current Vice President of the United States of America, lost his son, Beau Biden, a politician and twice elected attorney general of Delaware, to brain cancer less than two years after he was diagnosed. Beau Biden died Saturday at 46 years. Beau Biden, who was hospitalized this month at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington, had suffered a succession of health problems in recent years. Beau Biden was diagnosed with brain cancer in August 2013 and had a surgery at a Texas cancer center to remove what was described as a small lesion in 2013 after he suffered a mild stroke in 2010.

Beau Biden was planning to run for governor in 2016. He was with the Wilmington, Delaware, law firm Grant & Eisenhofer and his work concentrated on securities litigation and whistleblower suits.

The vice president together with his family announced the death of his second child late Saturday evening after he fought brain cancer with courage and strength he demonstrated every day of his life. The vice president said the spirit of his son, Beau Biden, will live on through his wife, Hallie, and two great children.

Biden cited his focus on the Bradley case in declaring in January 2010 that he would not run for the Senate seat his father vacated after being elected the vice president in 2008. Biden faced inquiry over his office’s management of the case of Earl Bradley, a pediatrician doctor who sexually assaulted scores of patients over more than a decade before his arrest in December 2009.

President Barrack Obama and his wife, Michelle, consoled the family during this difficult time and assured them of their support as they grieve the death of Beau Biden. In 2001, Beau offered himself for an interim assignment training judges and prosecutors in postwar Kosovo. As an attorney, he promised to reorganize the Department of Justice to fight identity theft, Internet stalking by pedophiles, street crime and abuse of the aged. Beau’s life was one of impressive service and commitment to those who require protection from the law.

This tragedy is one more in a long list for vice president Joe Biden. Beau was previously critically injured along with his brother in a 1972 car crash that killed their mother and infant sister. The accident happened just weeks after his father was elected to the U.S. Senate.

Beau Biden’s funeral services have not yet been arranged but he is entitled to a Military funeral honors.

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