Quadruple Murder Case- Bloody Baseball Bat Found in Washington DC

The quadruple murder case received new discoveries after a bloody baseball bat was found in Washington. Following a fire that damaged a home in Washington D.C, Police launched an investigation immediately to get the cause of the fire. The fire resulted to the death of a couple, their son and the house help. As the investigators searched for evidence in the charred house, they came across the bloody bat next to the bodies of the couple and their house help. The documents presented to the court also revealed that the couple’s son body was in a different room.

While accidents are unforeseen, some of them can be mitigated and avoided.  Savvas and Amy Savopoulos were not lucky in this accident as they were killed in the incident. Their 10-year-old son, Philip had his dreams shuttered after he met his death in the same incidence. In a new unsealed affidavit that was obtained by the ABC news, investigators revealed that the bloody bat was found just next to the three corpses of the fire accident victims in the bedroom. There have been several suspects following police investigations, but the lack of evidence has been the greatest challenge in the case. However, Daron Dylon Wint is the major suspect and has been associated with the quadruple killings. The judges dealing with the case charged him with first-degree murder in the associated case. The 34-year-old, Daron had been working for Savvas Savopoulo in the American iron works. The police have not managed to follow up other suspects due to lack of credible evidence and cooperation from the public and other people involved.

Despite being suspected to be working alongside other accomplices, Daron Dylon is the only person charged in this shocking case. Investigations are still going on and the court is awaiting new developments to make the final verdict. One of the Savvas Savopoulo’s assistant worker was interrogated by the police as they tried to retrieve more information relating to the case. The worker is said to have delivered $ 40,000 to his boss prior to the slayings. During his questioning, the worker allegedly gave conflicting stories to the detectives. This rose several questions concerning his involvement in the case, but he was later released due to lack of prosecution evidence.

The bloodied bat found beside the body leaves no doubt that the victims must have been cruelly battered before they were murdered. It is believed that the bat was used to beat them unconsciously as evidenced by the blood. Police say that the torching of the house was just a ploy to cover up the real cause of death for the victims. Wint continues to be held police custody as police hunt for other suspects.

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