Gunshots Are Heard From Playground Full Of Parents And Kids

Tuesday morning was a day to reckon for hundreds of children playing outside a park in Columbia Heights. The gunshots were heard far aloud from a playground where children were playing with their parents who upon hearing the shots, ran cover and scoop up their children from the scene. According to police’s preliminary investigations, no one was short and hurt in that incident. The man who is believed to initiate the shooting is still at large.

A middle-aged mother who was in the park with her two children aged 1 and 3 years said, “This is supposed to be our fun, happy space, not somewhere where you’re running, shielding children from bullets.” The woman sort anonymity saying that her arms were still shaking as she tried to shield and scoop up her children to safety. The shots that were heard many yards away took place few minutes before midday from a park that was recently remodeled at the Community Center in Columbia Heights’ 1400 Block along Girard Street NW. At the time of the gunshots, the playground was filled with many children who were accompanied by their parents for children’s summer camp.

Many witnesses who included children’s parents in the park said that a certain young man ran across the park holding a handgun. When the young man reached the rear gate of the park, he started firing to a group of other men who stood by the alley. Another parent, who did not want to be identified, told investigators that her son was among those that the young man directed the gunshots. “My three-year-old was just among the group. And for sure I looked for her first and grabbed her little arm and in the process, I think I knocked another kid over, which I promptly slung on my other hip. I had children hanging from me as I ran,” she told the police. In a bid to shield themselves from the gunshots, not a small number of children hid behind an outbuilding. “So you can imagine your four-year-old huddled behind an outbuilding for ten minutes, waiting for a man with a gun to go away,” she continued.

John Stokes who is the Deputy Director of the Department of Parks & Recreation in D.C. said that police have launched investigations into the Tuesday incident. The park was henceforth closed following the shooting. Many residents who talked after the incidents said that they now expect additional patrols on the park starting Wednesday.

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