Lobbyist Hired For Hamas And Al-Qaeda Charity In Washington DC

Wendell Belew of The Belew Law Group and former chief counsel, who once served at the House Budget Committee, has been the latest person to register in a bid to lobby for a charitable foundation, Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammed al-Thani. However, this charitable foundation does not have a good reputation since it is associated with Hamas, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

It is remembered that back in 2008, Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammed al-Thani Charitable Foundation was banned by Israel for funding Hamas. During that time, intelligence investigators from the Israeli military found that the charitable foundation was actually “a roof organization for foundations that were operated by Hamas around the world especially those in Europe and countries in the Persian Gulf.” The association’s founder, Abd Al-Rahman al-Nuaimi was named a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the US government for his alleged role in financing, facilitating, and supporting any communications for militia groups, especially Al-Qaeda. In the United States, Hamas is declared illegal. This is the case in many countries of the European Union.

However, it is not surprising for Mr. Belew to act this way. In earlier occasions, he has been seen as a man who will always want to be at the bar with the law enforcers in the name of court representation. One such occasion is when Mr. Belew represented the defunct Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation before a court of law. That organization that Mr. Belew represented funded Al-Qaeda thus, in 2014, CBS News described AHIF as the major source of funds that ran and supported Al-Qaeda. There was also credible evidence that linked AHIF to Osama Bin Laden the then Al-Qaeda leader who was later killed by US soldiers.

AHIF founder was still in the list of those wanted by Interpol for its participation in the financing and supporting Al-Qaeda’s activities until the organization folded. Sadly, Belew is not alone in ‘colluding’ with militia groups. Over the past couple of years, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other militia groups mainly from the Middle East, have contracted lobbying firms in a bid to influence lawmakers. One of those lobby firms is The Raben Group’s work for Islamic Relief Worldwide commonly referred to as IRW. According to many governments, IRW is a terrorist organization that handles supporting Hamas. American Public Relations firm called Brown Lloyd James is yet another lobby firm whose records indicate that it has worked for Assad firm. All these lobbying firms located in the United States are unfortunately doing this with questionable interests.



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