Renita Nettles’ Sister to Be Charged for Assaulting Police Officer

The sister of the woman who was shot by police on Saturday will also stand charges of insulting and assaulting a police officer. According to Metropolitan Police Department, after Renita Nettles was shot on the shoulder for defying police orders to drop her knife, her 26-year old Arnita Nettles assaulted four officers. Arnita spit on one of the officers, punched two of the officers and left the fourth officer with a bloody hand. As she was doing this, Arnita kept screaming, “You killed my sister.”

The documents that were presented in court showed that at around 7:25 p.m about an hour after her sister was shot, while at the 5300 Block in Clay Terrace of NE D.C., Arnita jumped over a police tape immediately punching a female police officer. Two other officers who tried to get Arnita off the female officer received the same treatment. Finally, the aggrieved Arnita punched the fourth officer leaving him with blood stains on his fingers. This was as a result of scraping himself against a pavement as they tried to calm the situation. However, this struggle did not last long before the woman was held by police. The documents also showed that Nettles spit on the fourth officer, an act showing disrespect to the police officer. The first officer who Nettles punched had a concussion.

All these started with the fire that Renita Nettles lit that drew the attention of police officers manning the area around Clay Terrace 5300 Block. When the first police officer arrived at the fire scene, Ms. Nettles held a knife. The police officer ordered her to drop the knife on several occasions which she declined but continued to advance to the officer. There was a small confrontation between the officer and Nettles that resulted in the officer shooting her on the shoulder.

Cathy Lanier, D.C Police Chief said, “The officer fired one round hitting her on the shoulder. She was later rushed to the hospital.” Ms. Nettles, 22, was charged with arson, assault using a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer. She will, however, remain in hospital until she fully recovers from the gunshot injury. Afterwards, she will face those charges in court.

Her sister Arnita is likely to face charges of insulting and assaulting police officers before Renita leaves the hospital. Speaking about Renita’s confrontation with the police, Nettles’ mother said that her daughter has bipolar disorder and that she does not take her medication as prescribed.

On their part, D.C officials have declined to name the officer who shot Renita Nettles.

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