Prince Harry To Visit US Captial, Washington DC

Prince Harry will visit Washington DC this October. The good news as communicated from Kensington Palace on Tuesday is that the Prince will launch his Invictus Games during his visit to Washington DC.

Harry will also be visiting two African countries on November 26th and December 4th.

In Lesotho, Prince Harry will officially open Mamohato Children’s Centre managed by his charity. This noble course will be supporting children living with HIV. During his visit to South Africa, Prince Harry will fulfill an engagement programme on behalf of the UK Government.

It is the first trip for the Prince in Africa. Prince Harry has been following the construction of Mamohato Children’s Centre from the UK but this time, he is going to Africa in person.

Harry is currently in South Africa and is scheduled to return home close to his birthday on the 15th of September. After which, the Prince will be engaged in helping injured soldiers during their rehabilitation.

Prince Harry is now working on conservation projects in South Africa. Harry’s visit South Africa will be a chance to showcase the three countries co-operation. He will also offer partnerships and development between UK, South Africa and Lesotho as said by Judith Macgregor, British High Commissioner to South Africa.

During the royal visit to South Africa, Prince Harry will be helping in several projects like protecting black rhinos from poachers.

By June, Harry left the Army having served for ten years.

Prince Harry is now 30 years old. Harry admits being ready to settle and have children. He was born on 15th September 1984 as the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales. his full official names are Henry Charles Albert David.

Harry is now in South Africa representing the United Kingdom Government as requested of him by the foreign affairs officer.In Washington DC, Harry will be attending several meetings and is meant to hold a public even raising his hopes up for the paralytic- style competition in May next year.

An Invictus game was Prince Harry’s brainchild idea. The Games first took place in London in the year 2014. The games will be held the second time in Florida; Orlando from 8th of May 2016 to 12th of May 2016. Harry is said to have been spotted hanging out with baby rhinos during his Africa’s visit.

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