One Dead, Several Others Injured in Southwest D.C

At least one person has been confirmed dead and seven others left with multiple injuries in separate shootings in the southwest part of Washington D.C. The shootings have caused panic among area residents where there have been three separate shootings in just under seven hours. According to local residents, the second gunshot was heard along Forrester Street SW unit block at around 10:30 p.m. Monday.

The effect of the gunshot, according to the police, was the death of Jarrell Hall, a 28-year old who hails from Southwest D.C. area. Jarrell’s death is the 109th homicide the city of Washington has recorded this year. During that incident, another person was also shot. He was later rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

At about 10:00 p.m. police had been called to respond to another shooting that took place along 2900 block of Martin Luther King Avenue in SE. In that incident, 5 people were seriously injured. However, according to paramedics, none of the victims had life-threatening injuries. From this initial shooting incident, several bullets were aimlessly fired prompting detectives to take all night to collect possible evidence. Those who fell victim to the shootings suffered injuries on their buttocks, hip, legs, and back. They however refused to fully cooperate with detectives as sources confirmed.

Six hours later, another person was shot along 5200 block of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue in NE. When police arrived at the crime scene, the gunman had fled leaving the victim unconscious but breathing. An eyewitness said that the gunman left the area after shooting down the victim and that he was wearing a ski mask. As residents plead for a beefed up security, there have not been made any arrests until late Tuesday. One local was heard saying how ample the area can sometimes be. “During the day, it’s a bunch of police out here, and I love it. You can walk the street, you feel safe. Then, at night… it is what it is. It’s really crazy at night,” he said.

LaRuby May, a Ward 8 Council Member said that all people whether in Southeast D.C. or anywhere in Washington, want safety. “Our community, our residents, in Congress Park and across the ward, wants safe neighborhoods and safe places for the children and for adults to be able to enjoy their neighborhoods. It’s too much. No one wants to live in a community that’s plagued with violence,” she argued.

Meanwhile, D.C. police have offered a reward of $25,000 to anyone who will be willing to give information that will lead to the possible arrest of the killings that have claimed more than 100 lives in the past 8 months alone.

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