DC Traffic Will Be Heavily Impacted By Pope Francis Visit

DC is alive and very much preparing for the visit of Pope Francis next week. Road closures will shortly be going into effect and this will threaten to create a chaos in the city. This is because it will create a major traffic issue that will have everything moving slowly in DC area.

The Metro, as well as, D.C. Department of Transportation officials did release a series of maps as to what would be what. The pope’s visit is something very special to the area, yes, but there is definitely going to be an existing problem when it comes to being able to getting around the city. It will not be as fast as the norm, with a lot of the road closures and so forth.

The series of maps that was unveiled by the Metro and D.C. Department of Transportation clearly highlights all of the streets and avenues that will be greatly affected the most by the visit of Pope Francis. These streets and avenues are slated to close down upon the pope’s arrival to Washington. This very detailed map not only features all of the street closures, but also, alternate routes to take and such. Some of the other features of this map display intermittent street closures and authorized access only too.

Pope Francis’ is on a special trip that he has never taken before. He is visiting the United States for the very first time since he started his role in the Papacy. His arrival in Washington is something which officially begins and kicks off on September 22, 2015.

Capital Bikeshare will be setting up some bike corrals at the areas, which will be the site of Papal events, once Pope Francis arrives in Washington DC. Metro is also planning to have commemorative SmarTrip protective sleeves also available on September 21st.

Because of the impending visit of Pope Francis’, a lot will be greatly affected in the city from a transportation aspect, and this includes 70 Metrobus routes, which will be greatly impacted in a big way. The very same can be said about any traffic flow that is coming into D.C. with other people. This is all assured to delay other routes, in addition, as well.

DDOT is doing its very best to warn all commuters and motorists to be well aware of this problem in advance. They will need to be prepared for some very long delays. They openly suggest for commuters and motorists to do telework if possible. They should either take transit or plan very far ahead to leave very early to get to any destinations that they need to reach in time.

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