Pope Francis Visit To Washington DC Is Near

Pope Francis will be visiting Washington DC and one hundred women who belong to the reform activist group plan to walk 100 miles to meet Pope Francis when he arrives. Pope Francis will be hosting mass and address government leaders. The women will begin their walk at an immigration detention center in New York. The aim of this walk will be to support Pope Francis’ message of compassion for undocumented immigrants in the United States. Conservative Republicans have been opposing the comprehensive legislation that will see that the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living the U.S. get their citizenship.

Donald Trump, who is a Republican presidential nomination, has been talking about how he will deport all the immigrants in the United States if elected as the president. Pope Francis will hold a meeting at the White House and later travel to Philadelphia and New York City. Traffic plans have already been put in place for the visit of the Pope to the nation’s capital. The message that is being passed across is that it would be advisable to leave your car at home. There will be a three-day road closure that will choke off traffic in the areas that Pope Francis will visit.

People are advised to have their SmarTrip cards loaded in advance with enough fare for the duration that the Pope will be around. There will also be other events happening during the Pope’s visit that might help you not be caught up in the traffic. There will be an Ed Sheeran concert that is scheduled on September 23rd at the Verizon Center, and the Nationals will be hosting the Orioles at National Park for a three-game series. However, Metro has assured people that they will be able to handle the amount of people for these events.

Washington DC will still be open for business and will be performing their services as usual, and DC Public Chartered Schools and Public Schools will remain open unless stated otherwise. Visitors and residents of Washington DC are advised to use public transportation. There are maps detailing the Pope’s visit so ensure you take a close look at the District’s maps of road closures. If you work or live in an affected area, try and come up with an extra travel time, especially during rush hour. Federal employees are advised to telework during Pope Francis’ visit by the Office of Personnel Management.

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