Cool Weather and Rain Expected for Pope’s Visit

Washington, D.C., New York, and Philadelphia each have been having nothing but wonderful blue skies the last several days. What do all three of these major cities have in common with each other? The answer is that they will be the papal host cities for Pope Francis’ visit to the United States. The dry and sunny pattern for all three cities is something that is likely to hold in place over the coming weekend.

However, by next Tuesday, something is likely to change weather-wise in Washington, D.C. What is this weather change? The answer is very clear. Next Tuesday, right around the time that Pope Francis’ is slated to arrive in Washington, an unsettled pattern of weather will probably emerge. This unsettling pattern of weather will contain lots of cloud cover and a chance for rain to happen.

Wet weather is something that isn’t a guarantee at all. Whether the weather will be wet or not depends on three things specifically. These three things are the particular tracking, the timing, and also the intensity of the possible low-pressure area that will be right off of the mid-Atlantic coast. There are computer models that are available. These computer models aren’t in agreement with the specifics that do surround the development and evolution of this area of the low-pressure system.

The American model does openly advertise the possibility of a low-pressure system that is creeping along the north shore of the mid-Atlantic sometime between Tuesday and Thursday of next week. This is the week that Pope Francis’ will be visiting Washington, D.C. Because of the resulting airflow that will be off of the ocean, there will be cloudy and cool conditions for the Washington area, and this can promote possible periods of both rain and drizzle.

Instead, the European model shows a simulation that has the area of low pressure, which is both poorly defined and very weak, being present off of the mid-Atlantic coast for the balance of next week. This model simulation only shows some measurable level of rain being present in Washington from Sunday night into Monday and that is it. This will be before Pope Francis’ does arrive in D.C. From the days of Tuesday through Thursday, this simulation only does stimulate marine flow that is off of the ocean. It doesn’t simulate precipitation.

If one looks at both models side by side, and then compares them together, one will come up with the best forecast for Pope Francis’ visit to be one with lots of cloudy skies and a 20% chance of rain each day that is slight. The temps should be highs of the mid-70s with lows of close to 60 degrees.

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