Washington D.C May Regulate Personal Trainers

Personal training business has boomed for many years as everyone is fighting to keep fit and live a healthy life. In this regard, so many people in Washington D.C have decided to invest in this business which in return has become one of the greatest investments. For all the years these years that the personal training business has existed, most of the businesses have never been regulated. This booming field of business is, however going to be braced by a wave of scrutiny which will hopefully change the industry completely. Although the regulation law will break some of the biggest fitness centers in the country, it will be a great assurance to the clients that they are in good hands and there will be less or no unqualified personal trainers.

The regulation which is being written by and for the capital city of the nation is expected to create a registry of all the personal trainers who are only in the District. The residents of the District of Columbia are known to be the fitter than the rest of the country and is expected to adopt the United States’ first regulation which came from a law that was passed last year by the city council. The Board of Physical therapy and The City Regulatory Panel is the board that will develop the rules for trainers whereby it is expected to vote on September 22. The rules will take effect after 30 days of revisions.

Some of the people in Washington D.C who are supporting the regulation say that there should be protection against unqualified trainers and also from other problems that may occur like sexual misconduct. The opponents of the regulations fear that the Board of Physical Therapy rules will affect the costs for clients. The issue of who is qualified to work in a fitness center has caused a conflict over standards. Among those who are opposing the regulation is the CrossFit Gym Company that has been operational for the past five years. The supporters include the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals.

The exact rule is not yet clear, but all personal trainers will be required to register at the mayor’s office and also pay a fee that is yet to be determined. The report from a draft of rules that was set earlier shows that the personal trainers in Washington D.C are required to own a four-year degree, and that is why some of the companies are opposing because some of the trainers do not qualify.

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