Pope Francis Visits D.C.

Pope Francis’ long-awaited visit to the US finally came to be, as he was greeted by exuberant crowds across the streets of Washington D.C. The pope took time during his D.C. visit to address a number of issues during his first public address to the nation. Among the crucial issues he touched on were traditional marriage, climate change and Cuba.

He did not mince his words during a welcoming ceremony at the White House where he introduced himself as a son of the kind of immigrant family on which the Nation was built. This is in reference to his longstanding call for compassion for the thousands of immigrants and refugees fleeing to the United States and other European countries, following civil wars and other injustices in their home countries.

The Argentine-born Pope was addressing the public in English, where he pointed out on his willingness to guide those mandated with the responsibility of shaping the country’s political future. The pope also endorsed President Obama’s efforts on reestablishing ties with Cuba along with his efforts regarding climate change.

In this regard, Pope Francis commended President Obama for his initiatives aimed at reducing air pollution, further noting that climate change was an issue requiring immediate action so as to safeguard the future generation.

The Pope also issued a firm statement with regard to traditional marriage noting the need to protect the institution of marriage and family. This comes months after the Supreme Court made a ruling in favor of same-sex marriages in the U.S.

During his first full day in the United States, the pope also canonized Junipero Serra, a Spanish missionary, during a mass in Washington on Wednesday.

Travelling in his small black Fiat, as a sign of simplicity and humility, the pope was greeted by President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, as he stepped out of the vehicle at the White House. This is in contrast to the city’s top-end lifestyle, where the majority of vehicles are government SUVs and Limousines.

The pope and President Obama then stood side by side before a guard of honor as the national anthems of the U.S and Vatican were played by a band. President Obama paid tribute to the pope as a leader and also as an individual, with reference to the pope’s unique qualities and moral authority that he displays not only through words, but also deeds.

After a one on one talk in the Oval Office with President Obama, the pope also took time to meet bishops at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington. He ministered to the bishops and offered counsel following the thinning of the Catholic church’s American followers as a result of child sexual abuse scandals.

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