Were November’s Unseasonably High Temps Cause for Concern?

The D.C. Area is off to a very warm start in November. Just through the first four days of the month alone. Washington is experiencing temperatures running about 5.4 degrees higher than the norm for this time of year. There is more warm weather likely to come. This is totally off key for Washington altogether.
Is what is happening a very rare and special occasion? The answer is definitely yes. This answer may seem easy to give . However, it is hard. This is because, the best way to summarize it, would be like this. This warm spell is far more than just your average warm spell. It is somewhat unusual indeed. If you were to take it a step further, it would be more of a once in a decade, kind of occurrence.
D.C.’s high temperature on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 is the highest that Washington has ever had since 2007. It is also the warmest temperature on record too. Back in 2007, the temperature recorded then was 77 degrees, which is very warm and toasty. It did manage to set its own record for warmth during the fall time.
Let’s take a look at recent years history. There have been other sort of “cool” and “warm” November temperatures. What the 30-year-November average for last year did look like was this. It did call for a typical and maximum temperature of 74.6 degrees. To round this up, it can clearly be seen, it is the very same temperature as that of November 4th.
The truth is this. While 70 degrees temperature may seem a big thing now. It will not as time progresses. It will eventually become far less common a thing, as the month of November advances, and will meet colder temperatures. The 70 degrees temperatures that has averaged out to 3.6 degrees more this month. This is over the very same 30-year span of time that did end last year.
Last November of 2014, there were some icy and chilly temperatures, which did happen during this very same month. One of these cold temperatures was only 22 degrees on November 19, 2014. Nonetheless, during November, a warm high temperature of 74 did take place on November 24th. This only proves one thing. Temperatures of the 70s isn’t crazy. They are something that do happen. They are unusual. Yet they still do occur. The truth is very plain to see. These temperatures can happen at any time of the year. The conditions are usually right for them to form adequately.

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