Women Caught Sexually Assaulting a Man in D.C.

Two women were caught on camera while sexually assaulting a man in Washington D.C. One is specifically wanted on third-degree sexual abuse for this crime. Third-degree sexual abuse includes inappropriate touch and involves actual force that may threaten to put the person in fear of bodily injury, death or kidnapping. This woman is alleged to have twerked on a stranger without his consent inside a convenience store. The store’s surveillance video shows the man standing in a line, when a woman suddenly backs up and tries to grind on him. He backs away, but the second woman starts groping and touching him. The women were scantily dressed, and both were wearing revealing, skin-tight dresses and high heels.

The metro police posted the video on YouTube so that the public could help identify the female suspects. The city has offered up to $1,000 to anyone who can help the police with any information or leads in the case. They have provided a phone number for anyone with information to call to inform the police.

Throughout the video footage, the man is shown trying to avoid both of the women and seems not to know either of them. He was not injured, but appears to be uncomfortable with the unwanted contact and chooses to walk away. The second woman also attempted to kiss him and rub his back. Since the victim felt that there was a group of men who were watching from outside (possibly the women’s pimps), he did not physically defend himself against the women. He was frightened his life was in danger and believes if he had been the one to commit the crime, he would have been arrested and probably get 20 years in prison. As he left the store to call the police, one of the women flashed him.

Now, the woman wanted for third-degree sexual assault has been identified and arrested, but the second woman still has not been found or even identified. Again, anyone with information on her will be rewarded if they bring it to the police.

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